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SafeLink Phone Replacement

SafeLink Phone Replacement

Are you looking for how to request a SafeLink phone replacement for a defective one? But not finding satisfactory information. No need to worry. This article is for you.

Here, you will read how to make a request for the replacement of a SafeLink phone if your phone has any kind of defect. You will also come to know about those terms and conditions laid by SafeLink for replacement.

Keep reading this article and get a new SafeLink phone instead of a defective one.

What is RMA?

In SafeLink Wireless, RMA is known as the main free SafeLink phone replacement procedure that every customer needs to follow for the replacement of their device. Without following the RMA instructions, the request for the replacement of the phone will be denied.

All the issues regarding defects, damage, refund, and return are resolved by the RMA in the SafeLink Wireless. You can also get a new model instead of a defective or damaged one by following the instructions given by RMA.
Continue reading the article to complete the whole procedure of RMA without any ado.

How to apply for an RMA for a Safelink phone replacement?

How to apply for an RMA for a Safelink phone replacement?

It is not very difficult to complete the RMA instructions for SafeLink phone replacement. You need to walk through some easy steps when you are applying for your defective phone replacement.

Follow the steps that are given below for the successful RMA approval of a Safelink replacement phone online request:

  • Go to the website https://shop.safelinkwireless.com/my-account/orders/.
  • Sign in to your account with your username or email address and password.
  • You will view the order history.
  • Select the order that you want to request RMA.
  • Click on the
  • You will get a short form in which you have to provide all the necessary information regarding the issue of your device and what you want now. You should provide the complete information because it will help to understand your device issue and your RMA will be processed soon.
  • Your RMA request is updated within 24 hours. Then, you will receive an RMA number along with the status of your RMA request via email.

How to reset the device as per the RMA for Free SafeLink Phone replacement?

When you send your defective phone to SafeLink, you have to do the reset of your device. If this is not completed prior to shipment, your request for RMA is delayed or rejected.

How to delete the Google Account of your Android phone?

According to the RMA instructions, you need to remove your Google account from your Android phone. Follow the steps that are given below to delete your Google Account:

  • Go to the Settings of your Android phone.
  • Tap Passwords and Accounts or Users and Accounts.
  • Underneath Accounts, select the account that you want to delete.
  • Then, tap on Remove Account.
  • Enter your Google Account Password.
  • Then, again tap on the Remove Account.

How to remove personal information from your iPhone?

You need to take some actions to remove your personal information from your iPhone when you are going to send it to SafeLink Wireless. Follow the following steps to remove your personal information for RMA:

  • Back up your iOS device before shipment.
  • Cancel your AppleCare plan if you have purchased it.
  • Unpair your Apple Watch if you have paired it with an iOS device.
  • Deregister iMessage.

How to sign out of iCloud, iTunes, and App Store?

How to sign out of iCloud, iTunes, and App Store?

You need to sign out of iCloud, iTunes, and App Store to empty the space of your iPhone. Follow the steps that are given below:

In case you are using iOS 10.3 or later:

  • Tap on Settings> your name.
  • Tap on Sign Out.
  • Enter your Apple ID password.
  • Then, tap on turn off.

In case you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier:

  • Tap on
  • Go to
  • Then, tap on sign out.
  • Then, tap on Delete from my (device)
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to confirm the deletion.

For signing out of iTunes and App Store:

  • Go to
  • Then, tap on iTunes and App Store.
  • Enter your Apple ID and
  • Sign out.

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How to do the factory reset of the iPhone?

Follow the following steps to factory reset your iPhone:

  • Go to
  • Tap on
  • Then, tap on Transfer or Reset.
  • Allow to Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.

Which RMA guidelines should you follow for the SafeLink Phone Replacement?

You have to follow the following RMA guidelines for the Safelink replacement phone online. Otherwise, your phone will be returned to your address:

  1. Once your RMA request is requested, you are sent a confirmation email with an RMA number. On your return package, there should be an RMA number. In the absence of this number, your package will be returned to you.
  2. There should be a copy of your RMA number and order number with your package.
  3. SIM cards and airtime cards can’t be returned. So, no need to return them with a device.
  4. You should return the phone with all accessories that you received with your phone and the original device box.
  5. Within 1-2 business days of RMA, you will get the notification of the package receipt. RMA business hours are from Monday to Friday.

When can you claim for SafeLink Phone Replacement?

The most important thing is that the warranty period of the SafeLink device is applicable for only 60 days. After 60 days, you have to contact the manufacturer of the phone for the warranty.

You can claim for SafeLink phone replacement under the following conditions:

  • If the defect is in the material and functioning of your phone
  • If the camera of the phone is defective
  • If there’s any software-related issue
  • If issues like unresponsive keys and dead pixels persist

When can you not claim a SafeLink phone replacement?

On the following conditions, you can not claim for SafeLink replacement:

  • If the battery of your phone has expired
  • If your phone is broken accidentally
  • If there’s any scratch on the screen
  • If there is any software issue due to any third-party app
  • If the issue is network coverage on your phone.

What should you do if you receive a damaged phone on delivery?

If you get a damaged phone on delivery from SafeLink Wireless, you should take prompt action. Such types of claims should be registered within 48 hours of delivery. After this, you can’t claim that the product that you received was damaged/defective. Therefore, sign in here https://shop.safelinkwireless.com/my-account/orders/ to request an online RMA.

How can you return a non-defective phone to SafeLink Wireless?

You get seven days to return a non-defective and new phone to SafeLink Wireless. These seven days are counted from the order delivery at your address.

You should return the device in its original packaging without any kind of wear and tear. Don’t forget to return it with all the literature, accessories, instructions, blank warranty card, and documentation.


Hope that you have understood all the precise norms of the SafeLink Wireless Phone replacement. Now, you will not face any kind of problem when you apply for it and get a new or refurbished phone without any delay.


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