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Free Tablets with EBT: All About It!

Free Tablets with EBT: All About It!

Do you want to know how your EBT card can offer you a free tablet? If yes, then, you have come to the best place to know everything about the free tablets with EBT.

With the help of EBT cards, many people like you and me have got free tablets. And not only the free tablets but also free or discounted minutes and data. But how is this possible?

Let’s walk through this comprehensive guide about EBT cards and know eligibility criteria, documentation, application procedure, and linked welfare schemes.

Can I get free tablets with EBT?

EBT provides you with free tablets on certain terms and conditions. If you are eligible for food stamps or other government initiatives launched for deprived people, you can apply for the free government tablet with ebt without any ado.

For getting detailed information, read the whole article.

What is an EBT card?

EBT (Electronics Benefits Transfer) card is issued by the government for those whose annual income is very low and who are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The EBT card can also be used for getting free tablets also. You need to qualify for another program, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This program has been launched to distribute ebt free tablet.

What is an ACP program?

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) launched the ACP program on December 31, 2021. This program replaced the federal government’s former scheme Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). The beneficiaries of the EBB scheme got their transition into the ACP program on March 1, 2022.

Who funds EBT cards for the free tablets?

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) funds the ACP program for low-income individuals in America. This is only for one individual per household. Those who are eligible for the ACP benefits get the benefits of the EBT cards for purchasing tablets and broadband services.

How to be eligible for ACP benefits?

How to be eligible for ACP benefits?

You can be eligible for ACP benefits if you have qualified for any one government-sponsored program from the following government initiatives:

  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  • Lifeline
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
  • Medicaid or Medical Assistance
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance, Project Based Rental Assistance (PBRA)/202/811, Public Housing, and Affordable Housing Programs for Alaska Natives, Hawaiians Natives, and American Indians
  • Veterans’ Pension and Survivors Benefits
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Programs or School Breakfast Programs, including at U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Eligibility Provision schools
  • Received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year
  • In addition, if the gross income of the household is at or below 200% according to the Federal Government Poverty Guidelines, you will be eligible.

If you are residing in any tribal land, you have to follow the following eligibility criteria for the ACP benefits:

  • Any of the federally sponsored programs listed above
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Head Start (only households meeting the income qualifying standard)
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

How to be eligible for free tablets with food stamps?

For the free tablets with food stamps or the SNAP program, the government has decided on eligibility criteria. Check out the eligibility details given below:

  • The applicant should be employed. His employment should match his education. It should not appear that for getting the advantage of the food stamps scheme, he has either quit his job or reduced his job hours.
  • The bank balance of the owner of the family should be more than $2,500. If the family has seniors, then, his bank balance should be at least $3,750.
  • Income verification is mandatory. The gross income of the household should be at or below 200% according to the Federal Poverty Guideline.

Which documents are required to get a free government tablet with EBT under the ACP program?

Let’s check out the list of documents required to get ebt free tablet under the ACP program at the following points:

  • Photo ID proof
  • Permanent residential address proof
  • SNAP you document
  • Income proof
  • If you are a student, you have to show your school/college enrollment proof when you apply.

Which income-proof documents are required to get free tablets?

In some cases, you are asked to provide the following income-proof documents:

  • Unemployment or workers’ compensation document
  • Retirement benefits
  • Social Security scheme benefits
  • A federal or tribal participation notice letter
  • Previous year’s federal, tribal, and state tax returns proof
  • Veteran Administration statement benefits.

Free Tablets with EBT: Which programs can you choose?

Free Tablets with EBT Which programs can you choose

EBT card benefits for tablets can be obtained when you have signed up for any program. Some popular programs are listed below.

1. Q link wirelesss program

Q link wireless federal government-funded program. It gives you the advantage of ACP.

Once your application is approved for the program, you can apply for a new tablet. This tablet carries all the latest features including Bluetooth and wifi services. You will be eligible for getting free data and free calling minutes. The program offers the best broadband and telecom services of the 4G LTE network/5G.

Once you place the order, you will have to make a one-time co-pay contribution of only 10.01$. This is mandatory to do for those who are getting the benefits of ACP under the Q link wireless program.

The invoice for the co-pay is sent to your email id. This should be paid within 30 days. Once the order is placed, the shipment of the tablet also gets ready to reach your address. The ordered tablet can be different from the shown image.

Eligibility criteria for the Q-link wireless program?

Q-link wireless program comes under the government-funded program named Lifeline Service. Check out the eligibility criteria for the Q-link wireless program through the following pointers:

  • Firstly, you should be eligible for the ACP benefits/food stamps/ other federal government initiatives.
  • You should not be a user of Lifeline service from any other service provider.
  • Only one person per household can be eligible for the Q-link wireless program or Lifeline service.
  • The former Lifeline Service plan should be canceled for enrolling in the Q Link wireless program.
  • If you have not qualified for any one program of the federal government-funded initiatives, you should inform about it at 1-855-754-6543.
  • You should inform about your new residential address within thirty days of shifting by calling 1-855-754-6543

2. T-Mobile

T-mobile is another ACP-funded program that gives the advantage of free tablets with EBT. 

For activating this, you have to qualify for any one of the federal government-sponsored programs. Then, you will have to sign up with the Metro.

On signing up with Metro, you will be eligible for getting a free phone and $30 off on every month’s phone bill.

The features can be suspended and terminated if you are found in doing the misuse of the service.

3. Easy wireless programs 

Easy Wireless program is another program that is connected with the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program). This program has been designed for low-income Americans.

You can sign up for it today by visiting the website. This is a reward-based program. The company will help you in getting rewards based on your loyalty to the company. You can use these points for upgrading your current plan.

4. Standup wireless program

Do you want to own a 10-inch tablet with a dual camera at the price of only 10.01$? If yes, then, you should take advantage of the standup wireless program. This is also connected with the ACP.

This program offers you a 10-inch tablet with a dual camera. The battery is long-lasting and durable. Furthermore, you will get a sleek and fashionable tablet.

In addition, you have to use the Skype app on the tablet. In the absence of this specific app, you will not be able to make or receive the call.


  1. Should I need to recertify the ACP program? 

Yes, you should need to recertify the ACP program at the end of the year. By this, you will certify that your income is still low and you are still eligible for government-funded programs. You will get a recertification letter from the USAC. You will have to complete the recertification process within 60 days once you receive the letter.

  1. Why has my ACP application been declined? 

It may be possible that you have not met the eligibility standards of the ACP program. Therefore, your application has been declined.

  1. What is EBB? Can I have free tablets under the EBB program? 

EBB ( Emergency Broadband Benefit) was a temporary government-funded program. This was launched by the government to give relief in times of the Covid 19. This was replaced with ACP on December 31, 2021. The customers get a transition period of 60 days. Now, the EBB beneficiaries are included in the ACP program.

You can not have free tablets under the EBB program now.

Final words

Hope that you have received the best piece of information regarding the free tablets with EBT. Now, you will not be confused regarding the eligibility criteria, documentation, and programs. You have got the precise details.

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