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Free Laptops with Food Stamps

Free Laptops with Food Stamps

Still, you only know that by having an EBT card (given to the beneficiaries of Food Stamps), you can get monthly discounts on your food items.

Now, you will read here how the EBT card can provide you with free laptops. This article discusses those leading non-profit organizations that are providing EBT cardholders with free or discounted laptops.

Isn’t it great? If you are an EBT card holder, you can also have a free or discounted laptop without any obstacles. Let’s read about the partner providers of the EBT cardholders, which are serving low-income Americans.

Which NGOs are offering free laptops with food stamps?

Which NGOs are offering free laptops with food stamps

You have qualified for Food Stamps or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). But you’ve to do one thing to get free laptops. Just register yourself for the Affordable Connectivity Program. You will get a list of those NGOs here that are providing free laptops to disadvantaged groups of people.

Here, check out the names of some non-profit organizations that are offering free laptops with ebt:

1.   PCs for People

Founded in 1998, PCs for People is a non-profit organization that has been working to reduce the digital divide across the country. It has imparted free or discounted laptops to low-income American families. But the condition is that the applicant should be the beneficiary of an EBT card and ACP program.

Affordable Connectivity Program will reimburse up to USD 100 to the PCs for People for providing eligible households with free laptops/computers.

How to apply for free laptops at PCs for People?

Check out the following steps and get your free laptop at the PCs for People:

  • Visit the https://acp.pcsrefurbished.com/acp.
  • Enter your information to verify through the existing federal database that you are not getting the benefits from another service provider.
  • Create an account with PCs for People.
  • Enter username and password.
  • Upload necessary
  • Place your order for the

2.   Human I-T

Human I-T is a non-profitable online store that has been providing customers with low-cost laptops. Its physical retail space is in Detroit which has been functioning to reduce the digital gap.

You can get an additional discount if you are an EBT card holder and ACP beneficiary. The motto of the organization is to help those poor Americans who can’t afford the basic necessities i.e. laptops. It buys used laptops/desktops, then, refurbishes and recycles them. It again makes them of superior quality and provides low-income customers with free or discounted costs.

How to apply for free laptops at Human I-T?

Check out the following pointers and claim your free laptop at Human I-T:

  • Visit the website https://www.human-i-t.org/acp/
  • Scroll down the screen to view the application form.
  • Provide the necessary details in the form.
  • Upload required documents for verifying eligibility.
  • Click on

3.   Computers with Causes

Computer with Causes is another noble non-profit organization that has been inviting people to donate their used computers and laptops. Consequently, it offers recycled and refurbished laptops/computers to schools, low-income families, the elderly, disabled veterans, and children in foster homes. You can also be eligible for the free laptop for Snap recipients by showing your eligibility through the Food Stamps or EBT card.

How to apply for free laptops at Computer with Causes?

Let’s understand the following pointers and place an order for a free laptop:

4. The On It Foundation

If your child is enrolled in grades K-12 in the public and the beneficiary of the free or reduced school lunch, he/she can be the beneficiary of the free laptop. But one thing that should be noted here is that only one person in your family can get the benefit of a free laptop under the federal-government-funded schemes. The On It Foundation has been working for the welfare of deprived children by providing them with free digital opportunities.

How to apply for free laptops at The On It Foundation?

Let’s go through the following steps and grab the opportunity of getting a free laptop with ebt:

  • Write a Letter for Request to the organization.
  • Provide the student’s and school’s details correctly.
  • Write down the Parent’s/Guardian’s name, phone number, and address.
  • The letter should be signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Attest the proof of reduced school lunch or breakfast program.
  • Send the letter to the following address:

The On It Foundation Attn:

Free Computer Application 18520 NW 67th Avenue,

Suite 186 Miami, FL 33015

4. EveryoneOn

EveryoneOn is an organization that has been partnering with many internet service providers (ISPs) and computer manufacturers. In this way, it has been providing customers with low-cost internet services and affordable laptops.

But you can get additional benefits from the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) through the Food Stamp here. For the purchase of a laptop, you need to pay between USD 10 and USD 50. About USD 100 will be paid by the ACP fund on every purchase.

How to apply for free laptops at EveryoneOn?

Look at the following points to claim your free laptop with ebt without any delay:

  • Visit the website https://www.everyoneon.org/lowcost-offers
  • Click on Find Offers.
  • Enter your ZIP code.
  • Find internet and computer offers.
  • Select your favorite one.
  • Complete the necessary details.
  • Give proof of Food Stamps or ACP.
  • Place an order.

5. Alliance for Technology

The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (Aftrr) is one of the leading non-profit organizations that have been working to emphasize digital equality across the country. This organization is working with nonprofit technology refurbishers to extend the benefits of free laptops to low-income families. You can also place an order for your free laptop with ebt.

How to apply for free laptops at Alliance for Technology?

Go through the following pointers to get your free laptop:

6.   SmartRiverside

SmartRiverside is another non-profitable organization that was established in the year 2006. Though this organization is not a partner provider of the Affordable Connectivity Program, it provides low-cost/free laptops for Snap recipients to those who are not able to buy this basic necessity. If you have a benefit letter from Food Stamps, you will get the additional benefit of showing that you are too poor to buy an expensive notebook/laptop.

How to apply for free laptops at SmartRiverside?

Check out the details here to apply for a free laptop:

  • Write an email to SmartRiverside.
  • Mention your
  • Give correct income information.
  • Attest your income proof.
  • Also, mention food stamps.
  • Send this email to [email protected].

7.   Laptops 4 Learning

Laptops 4 Learning is a non-profit organization that believes that education should not be expensive. It should not be limited to one category of society. It should be offered to all. Disadvantaged students and veterans have equal rights to get digital opportunities. Therefore, it provides them with free or discounted refurbished laptops depending on their conditions.

How to apply for free laptops at Laptops 4 Learning?

Learn here how to get a free laptop:

  • Go to the website https://www.laptops4learning.com/
  • Visit the
  • Click on the option of Get a Laptop located on the header.
  • Choose the correct option from the menu.
  • Fill out your application form.
  • Mention the laptop model that you like.
  • Place your order.

8.   World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange has been youth across the world by providing them with affordable digital resources. This organization believes that no student should be deprived of digital education due to the lack of digital devices. Therefore, it provides them with laptops for free or discounted costs.

How to apply for free laptops at the World Computer Exchange?

Check out the following pointers to know how to apply for free laptops:


1.   Can my other family members, including me, get the advantage of the free laptops with Food Stamps?

No, your other family members, including you, can not get the advantage of the free laptops with Food Stamps. This benefit can be gotten by only one person per household.

2. Do colleges provide students with free laptops?

Yes, many colleges have been providing students with free laptops. They ensure that everyone will get the advantage of digital opportunities equally. This helps them to build a strong foundation for student’s careers.

3.   Can I apply for free laptops with an EBT card?

Perhaps you can apply for free laptops with an EBT card. Therefore, you should check on the official website of the Food Stamps or SNAP whether you are eligible for this opportunity or not.


Hope that you have come to know how to get free laptops with Food Stamps. The non-profit organizations that are aforementioned here are serving low-income individuals in America. You can also be the beneficiary of this program and can be a part of digital equality.


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