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Free Air Conditioner

Free Air Conditioner

You are thinking of buying an air conditioner, but the hand is tight for money. In this situation, you can only afford a fan, but do you know you can be eligible to claim a free air conditioner? Probably, you don’t know about it. Therefore, you have not applied yet.

Don’t feel stressed now. To help ease a bit of your stress, however, we thought of creating a guide on how to get a free air conditioner in the USA.

In this article, you will come to know about which government programs and organizations are offering air conditioners to low-income households.

So, keep reading the article!

Home Energy Assistance Program

Home Energy Assistance Program

To help your home stay cool, the federal government has launched the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Under this program, you will be able to get cooling assistance benefits. It means that you can claim a free air conditioner if you are eligible for a cooling assistance HEAP program.

Go through the following pointers to check your eligibility criteria. You can be eligible for the cooling assistance HEAP benefits if:

  • You have received the benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or
  • You have received Temporary Assistance, or
  • You have received Supplemental Security Income benefits, or
  • You have received a regular benefit equal to or more than USD 21 in 2023-24 and reside in government-subsidized rental housing, or
  • Any one family member has a medical history due to extreme heat, or
  • you have a senior citizen in your family, or
  • You have a child (under the age of 6 years), or
  • Your air conditioner is five years old or older, or
  • You have not received any cooling assistance HEAP benefit within the past five years.


So, apply for the cooling assistance in the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and secure your free air conditioner. You will get a list of the local HEAP Agency service providers. You can directly visit your local agency service provider and follow the requisite instructions to claim a top-rated air conditioner for free.

Energy Star Tax Credit

You can apply for the Energy Star Tax Credit to claim discounts on your purchased air conditioner.

To claim benefits under this scheme, you should buy an Energy Star-rating air conditioner. In this way, the federal government not only offers subsidies on air conditioners but also promotes a healthy environment.  Energy Star label products are known to save energy, save money, and protect the environment. So, if you buy an Energy Star-certified central air conditioning system, you will get a subsidy of USD 300.

You need to apply for the tax credits on your purchased Energy Star-certified air conditioner when you file your tax return.

So, don’t forget to apply for the Energy Star Tax Credit when you file your income tax returns and get an assured tax rebate.

Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a government aid program that extends the benefits of free energy-conserving equipment. Thousands of low-income households have benefited from the Weatherization Assistance Program. You can also benefit from it and get a free air-conditioner installed at your home.

You can be eligible for WAP if you are a beneficiary of any one of the following government policies:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  • The gross household income should be at or below 200%, according to the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Go through the following steps to apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program:

  • Visit the website How to Apply for Weatherization Assistance | Department of Energy
  • Navigate to the map given to explore the state weatherization agency.
  • Then, visit the site of the state agency to explore the name of the local agency working for the Weatherization Assistance Program.
  • Click on the How to Apply to apply.
  • Provide details in an application.
  • Upload the proof of income for the prior year. (paystubs or social security payments)
  • Click on submit.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a non-profit organization that can make you get an air conditioner for free of cost. This organization has helped thousands of individuals in multiple ways. It has 14 neighborhood-based food pantries. From here, poor people get food without paying anything for it. Furthermore, free clothing, homeless prevention, and free health and wellness programs are essential parts of this organization.

If you are running short of money, you can also apply for a free air conditioner. You can explore its local agency just in your neighborhood by visiting the link https://www.svdpcincinnati.org/get-help/. If you don’t find any center in your neighborhood on the list, you can make a call at 513-421-0602. Alternatively, you can visit the Neyer Outreach Center by going to the link  https://www.svdpcincinnati.org/get-help/services-at-the-neyer-outreach-center/


Many churches in the USA are operating as life saviors for low-income people. They ask for donations for the essential items and then distribute those items among those who are needy.

You can also get free air conditioners from the churches. For this, you should visit the nearest churches and enquire there about the upcoming air conditioner distribution program for deprived families.

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Thrift stores

You can buy refurbished and recycled air conditioners from the nearest thrift store. Don’t worry about the quality of the used air conditioner. Shop for it from a reliable thrift store. Though you don’t get a free air conditioner from thrift stores, you can shop for a good quality air conditioner at a minimal cost.

So, don’t think too much. Explore a good thrift store in your town and save your money with top-notch quality used air conditioners.

Final Remarks

So far, this article has explained to you how you can get a free air conditioner. You are fortunate that you have visited here. You can save your money now. Walk through the step-by-step comprehensive guide given in the article and claim an air conditioner for free. So, without any delay, choose the program or organization according to your eligibility criteria and apply for it.

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